Graph Neural Network for Visual Question Answering

  • Siwen Luo

Visual-Semantic Representation for Multi Modal

  • Sharon Long

Extraction of Causal Relations from Medical Literature

  • Jie Yang

Abusive Language Detection using Graph Neural Network

  • Kunze Wang

Document Analysis and Extraction using Language Model

  • Yihao Ding

Visual Storytelling using Graph Neural Networks

  • Eileen Wang

Comprehensive Analysis of Pretrained model

  • Xinghong Guo

Deep Reinforcement Learning Agent for Text-based Game

  • Chen Chen

Sign Language Recognition and Translation

  • Preethi Janakiraman

Financial Prediction/Detection using NLP Techniques

  • Jean Lee

News Recommendation Model

  • Taejun Lim

New Image to Scene Graph using NLP Techniques

  • Andy Bai

Pretraining of Generic Natural Language Understanding

  • Henry Weld